Haltian Tupa (literally “cottage of the spirits”) is a special place for spirits, whose doors are now also open to visitors. Here, in Ristijärvi, ​​Kainuu, the spirits and their hostess Seija offer visitors the chance to become acquainted with the lifestyles of the spirits, as well as their holistic wellbeing services. The on-site spirits also offer quite special advice to current world travelers. And, of course, the spirit’s own coffee!

The aim of the spirits is to provide visitors with spiritual inspiration. Spiritual inspiration means, in the language of the spirits themselves, a strange bubbly joyful mindset that arises when man and spirits meet in time.
You are welcome to be spiritually inspired!

Spirits onsite


Asematie 7, 88400 Ristijärvi
Puh. Tel. +358 (0) 50 571 3994 | seija@haltiantupa.fi

Were open 2.-5.7. and 9.-12. and 16.-19. and 23.-26. and 30.-31.7 daily from 12am to 16pm

You can also always call us, whereupon we can agree upon a suitable time for visits.


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